Creative Development Services

At ZincMedia, our Creative Development Mantra is simple:  Deliver exceptional quality within budget and be successful by gaining extensive knowledge about our clients’ business 100% of the time. This enables us to fundamentally understand your brand, ascertain the design, development & marketing solutions that address their business needs and consistently reinforce brands and brand messages, directly affecting ROI.

We successfully establish and nurture long-term relationships. Curious?  Take a quick peek at our Partners & Clients.

Each project is an opportunity to develop and convey a customized visual experience that defines your company’s unique personality and allows your target audience to identify with you.  This visual brand experience can’t exist without thorough conceptualization, careful development, and proper nurturing. Only the elite pass the test of time. Branding is the focus of every creative project we handle, whether it’s the creation of marketing collateral, development of an interactive CD-ROM, or a dynamic web application – each project reinforces the client’s core strategic goals and objectives.

Technology, ingenuity & creativity must be integrated for a completely cohesive experience.


Revolutionizing Digital Business™

define … conceive … develop … implement … cultivate

In life, there are no shortcuts, the same applies for any creative or development project. Developing and implementing a multimedia brand concept, corporate identity, or interactive project is a step-by-step process. Missing a step could mean missing the target.

Phase I: Define

The first step of any project is gaining a clear understanding of the project itself — so we begin by listening. You tell us what you want, and we repeat back what we hear and offer suggestions along the way — until we’re both in agreement. Once we’re communicating effectively, we outline the project’s purpose, define its scope, establish goals, develop an implementation plan, and establish a budget.

Phase II: Conceive

After we define the project, we give it structure and form. Effective brand communication is built upon a customized visual experience that gives the brand its unique personality. This visual experience is defined, then translated to the required media for optimal impact.

Phase III: Develop

Here, your project begins to come to life. Once it has conceptual structure, we break it down into tasks and assign those tasks to the appropriate partners — animators, photographers, programmers, typographers, and others whose unique skills contribute to the creation of a cohesive end-product. In this way the matrix defined in Phases I and III transitions from the conceptual to the real.

Phase IV: Implement

If Phase III is the embryonic, Phase IV is the birth. Here, disparate pieces are pulled together into a fluid whole. Final designs are reviewed, and software is tested on the appropriate server. Errors and inconsistencies are vehemently eradicated, and the final product is released for your review and approval.

Phase V: Cultivate

The end is a new beginning. Any project, once implemented, may require ongoing support — and if you need it, we don’t leave you without it. We check in to ensure that the project is receiving the nurture it requires from our end. If you need ongoing assistance, we establish your support requirements and execute a maintenance agreement.